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I had made *2* other optometry appointments in the area over the last several months and both (!!) different centers cancelled the same day citing medical emergencies. I don't know if am bad luck : ( One did not call to notify me, I just showed up midmorning and the entire building was locked up and I called to find a vm informing me. I totally get emergencies happen, and i hope all goes well, but I was surprised by the lack of coordination or notification for a healthcare business. [I will spare everyone my usual rant about how silly it is to have a health system in the 21st century be a cottage industry of store fronts thanks to our fractured privatized health care...] But since I work long hours and people seemed to booked months in advance (?!) I was very grateful that the staff at Omnivision was patient and able to work with me to figure out an appointment. I really appreciate everyone was professional, flexible, patient and courteous, and just got the job done. Thankfully there were no medical emergencies.

- D.M.