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Eye Care Services in Hamden, CT

All You Need for Healthy Vision

Our complete range of eye care services will provide you with everything you need for sharp, healthy eyesight. We invite all patients, both new and longstanding, to visit OmniVision Eye Associates, in Hamden, to benefit from our top-notch service and cutting-edge optometric treatment. Dr. Louis Hochberg, our experienced and highly qualified eye doctor, is committed to staying up-to-date with medical advances, so you receive the best, progressive eye care.

Supreme Family Eye Care: North Haven & Hamden, CT

Our optometry practice is equipped with the latest diagnostic technology, which we use to perform comprehensive eye exams for your whole family, from infants to seniors. In addition to checking visual acuity and giving you accurate vision prescriptions, our eye exams will inspect your inner eye and retina for any signs of abnormalities. If you’re diagnosed with an ocular disease, such as cataracts or glaucoma, we’ll help manage your condition to preserve your clear vision for as many years as possible. We also offer a variety of treatments for uncomfortable eye conditions, like Dry Eye Syndrome and Computer Vision.

Please stop in anytime to take a look at our incredible eyewear collection. Our optical staff will be pleased to help you sort through the options and choose the perfect pair of designer frames for you. If you’re tired of wearing eyeglasses, be sure to ask us about your candidacy for LASIK and our co-management of this refractive laser procedure. We’re also here to help in the event of any eye infections or eye emergencies. We’re looking forward to serving you! Contact us to schedule an appointment in our Hamden eye doctors office.

Learn About Our Eye Exams & Care Services:

  • Regular, complete eye examinations are advised for everyone, regardless of age. Our eye doctor, Dr. Hochberg, will test visual acuity and inspect the health of your eyes. We treat every patient as a unique individual, with consideration for contact lenses or any health conditions.
  • Eyesight and learning are strongly linked, and it’s critical to detect any kids vision conditions as early as possible. Help your child learn well by scheduling routine pediatric eye exams. We are experienced at examining children’s eyes.
  • It’s important to stay current with treatment for your ocular disease. Whether you have diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts or another eye condition, we will help treat your eyes to preserve clear, healthy vision.
  • Our Hamden office is equipped with advanced technology and diagnostic tools. We are dedicated to providing you with the latest, contemporary eye care services.
  • Do you need emergency eye care? Omnivision Eye Associates in Hamden CT, provides skilled and effective emergency eye care. We will always make sure you get seen quickly, and receive the highest quality urgent eye care in Hamden. If you have sustained an eye injury, have something in your eye, or experienced vision loss or abnormalities in your vision, have a scratched eye, have an eye infection/pink eye or have a stye in your eye, contact us right away for fast, skilled, and compassionate care.
  • Want to hear more about LASIK, or learn whether you’re a good candidate for this refractive laser procedure? Dr. Hochberg will meet with you to discuss the surgery. We also provide complete preoperative and postoperative care.
  • This condition leads to irritated eyes and a higher risk for corneal infection or swelling. Caused by a lack of enough natural lubrication on the surface of your eyes, we’ll diagnose and help treat Dry Eye Syndrome.
  • These eye drops can turn your dream of lush, long eyelashes into a reality!
  • Our eye doctor will examine your eyes to determine if you have astigmatism, and we’ll decide upon the most appropriate vision correction for your needs.
  • Our eye doctor will examine your eyes to determine if you have astigmatism, and we’ll decide upon the most appropriate vision correction for your needs.
  • Eyeglasses for sports will protect your delicate eye tissues from flying balls or other players crashing into you. Specialized eyewear to enhance your performance is also available in our Hamden office, such as no-glare coatings or custom tints.